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Using Practiscore on iPad

Scoring at our matches is done on iPad mini tablets using the app Practiscore. Many clubs have switched to this method, so there should be plenty of shooters who have experience using Practiscore. Every shooter is encouraged to review their stage scores with the scorekeeper when scoring for the stage is complete, so as to verify that the scoring looks accurate before proceeding to the next shooter.

So that everyone is somewhat familiar with Practiscore on an iPad, we have put together this guide for your review. Shooters who are likely to help out with scorekeeping should get familiar with this. If you would like to get a look at Practiscore on your own, you can download it to your own iPhone, iPad or Android device for free from the appropriate app store. It does look a little different on the various devices but is similar enough to get the idea.

General Guidlines

1. If you need to set down the iPad for more than an minute, set it down in the shade rather than in direct sunlight.

2. Battery life can become a concern if managed carelessly, so in between shooters get into the habit of putting the iPad to sleep by pressing the button on the top right edge (top yellow arrow). Awaken it and proceed to score the next shooter at the right time.

3. To awaken the iPad, you can press the button on the top right edge or the one on the center bottom face (yellow arrows). Pressing either of these will display the locked screen. Then to unlock the tablet, touch and move the slider from left to right as indicated (green arrow).

When you awaken and unlock the iPad, you should then see one of two screens. If Practiscore is running and in the foreground, you will see the place you last left off, or if not you will see the iPad home screen (see image at right). If you see the iPad home screen, you should press Practiscore app button on the bottom left to bring the app to the front.

Navigating within Practiscore is very simple.

1. From the home menu window (top right), you will only select the “Enter Scores” option.

2. Then you select the stage you are starting. (middle right)

3. Then you select your squad number. (bottom right)

4. Note that there is a “back” arrow button in the upper left corner. When moving to the next stage, you will have to press the “back” arrow button twice to select the next stage and then select your squad again.


Squad Shooting Order

When you get to your squad listing for the stage that you’re on, you can choose to keep the default order or select any order you wish. Practiscore can sort the list for you by pressing the “Sort” button in the upper right and then selecting the sort method from the pop-up options below. Note that the “Random” method also provides a “Re-randomize” button, if you don’t like the first random outcome (bottom left).

Note that no matter in which order the shooters are listed, they do not have to shoot in that order. You can skip one or multiple shooters and come back to them later. Just make sure that all shooters are scored before moving on to the next stage. Shooters that have been scored will show a hit factor number in place of the “not completed” indicator on the right.


Scoring Shooters

When you select a shooter’s name in the squad list, you are taken to their scoring page for that stage (top right). Confirm that the correct shooter’s name appears at the top. Following is a description of the options shown, however they are not always entered in this order.

1. Time - Press the time field to reveal a keypad for entering the time (bottom right). When finished, press enter.

2. Procedurals - Tap the field containing “0”, and one is added to it. So, every time you tap, the number is counted up by one. Press and hold for more than one second and the number is reverted to “0” (zero).

3. Additional Penalty - Not used, but works just like the Procedurals field.

4. Steel - It is assumed that the shooter will successfully engage all of the available steel targets. As such, all possible steel hits are already entered into the “Hit” field. If a shooter does have one or more misses on steel, then you tap the “Miss” field. This will count up the misses while counting down the hits at the same time.

5. Targets - Pressing this field takes you to another page, where you enter the hits for each paper target (continued below).

6. Each row is a target, and each column is a scoring hit or penalty. You enter a score by tapping the appropriate grid box to count up the correct number. Many people use two thumbs to move along more quickly.

A. Tap the “A” field once and the “C” field once to enter an Alpha Charlie.

B. Tap the “A” field twice in a row to enter Two Alpha.

C. Tap the “A” field once and the “M” field once to enter an Alpha Mike.

D. To make a correction to a specific field, press and hold for more than one second, and the field is reverted to blank. To revert the entire row, tap the row number indicator at the far left, and the entire row is reverted to blank. (Be assertive about telling an RO to wait or slow down, if you need to make a correction, or if they are going too fast.)

E. When the correct number of hits are entered (usually 2), the entire row will be colored GREEN. If you enter too many hits for the target, the row is colored RED indicating this error.

F. When finished scoring the targets, tap the “Done” button at the lower right. You are taken back to the previous page where the time is located.

7. When scoring is complete, press the “Review Score” button at the extreme lower right. Photos-10-web
If all scores are indeed entered, a score summary page is presented and should be shown to the shooter for their review. If the shooter agrees with the score summary, then press “Next Shooter” to be taken back to the squad list. Otherwise press “Edit Score” to make any corrections.

Often times a scorekeeper will begin scoring targets right away, while the shooter is still shooting. When the shooter finishes the stage, and the RO running the clock is ready to call out the time, simply press “Done” from the Targets Page to go back to the previous page; enter the time, and then press the “Targets” field again to resume scoring the remainder of the paper targets. When finished scoring the paper targets, tap “Done” again to return to the previous page and make sure that any Procedurals and misses on steel are entered. Then press “Review Score.”
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