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Yuma Match Masters

Yuma Match Masters
Adair Range
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The club shoots on their range of Adair Ranges, Inc. located approximately 20 miles north of Yuma on Highway 95. Once you leave Highway 95, the Match Master range is approximately 2 miles into the park. The Ranger Station marks the entrance to the PPC and pistol range. The road splits to the left to go to the PPC range and also to the pistol range. Proceeding straight will lead to a circular drive and meets the left hand split in the road.

New shooters and spectators are welcome at all the matches. Eye and ear protection are required.

USPSA contact: Terry Sullivan This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Yuma MatchMasters, Inc. is a shooting club in Yuma, Arizona. The club consists of 2 divisions. There is a Practical Division that shoots combat pistol according to IPSC rules and a Cowboy Division that shoots cowboy action according to SASS rules.

The club started in the early 1980’s as a practical shooting club. It has been affiliated with IPSC since 1985. The 20 charter members combined IPSC and NRA guidelines and began shooting as a club. In the early 1990’s a group of shooters that had been shooting informally in various locations approached the club with the idea to join and form a separate cowboy division. Thus Yuma MatchMasters, Inc. was formed. Although there are some die-hard members in each division, almost half the club shoots both divisions.

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